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Novawatch email monitoring platform is a comprehensive cloud-based security solution that helps you prevent, detect, and mitigate email-borne threats to your organization. With Novawatch at the front lines of your inbox, you can accurately classify impostor and phishing emails, malware, spam, and more. Protect your reputation in email fraud attacks by authenticating all your senders – without blocking legitimate emails.

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Service Overview

Email Security Protection Against Impostor Threats

Email security monitoring provides a more sophisticated detection technique, which helps you protect your organization from broader email fraud threats including payment redirect and supplier invoice fraud from compromised accounts. Our email security solution proactively monitors your organization’s email for illegal redirection of payments, fraudulent invoices, and other payments that could be funneled off to another person who is not authorized to receive them.

We analyzes multiple message attributes, such as:

Message header data

Sender’s IP address (x-originating IP and reputation)

Message body for urgency and words/phrases, and more

Stop Malicious Emails In Their Tracks!

Defend against the lasted malware and ransomware attacks

Detect & Block Advanced Malware

Monitor and protect your organization’s email with our multilayered security solutions. With Sandboxing, Reputation Analysis, URL rewriting and the ability to monitor any network and device, our solution protects your users by detecting email with malicious URLs or attachments. Re-writing URLs helps protect against weaponization after delivery.

Identify Risky Users

Our Email Security Monitoring service helps you identify your Very Attacked People and provides full visibility into targeted attacks, so that you know who is posing a risk to your organization. Through our executive summary dashboard and actionable insights, you can prioritize and mitigate risk by implementing adaptive controls for risky users.

Auto Pull Malicious Emails

Spam and phishing emails are often sent before the recipient receives them. Whether by compromise or malicious intent, it is important to block such emails from internal users. You can remove phishing emails containing URLs poisoned post-delivery or unwanted emails from internal accounts that are compromised. And it can be done with one click or automatically, even if emails were forwarded or received by other users.

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Our Security Consultant was extremely well organized, knowledgeable, personable, and responsive. Our IT Director was extremely satisfied. I shopped for year one and Novawatch was the most reasonable and all-encompassing and you felt they were in it for a long-term relationship. Do not hesitate to hire Novawatch, they are very approachable and responsive. I heartily recommend them


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