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Managed Detection & Response

With our MDR solution, we’ll help you identify threats, prioritize them, and then take care of the entire incident response process. 

When It Comes To MDR, our SOC analysts and security consultants at Novawatch are fully certified and have decades of experience helping organizations like yours stay safe from cyber threats.

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MDR Advanced Package

Managed Detection & Response

You’re on the front lines. You know how vital it is to have your network and systems protected. That’s why you need a Managed Detection & Response solution that can help you stay current with the latest threats and be ready to respond quickly when an attack occurs.

With clients and operations across the globe, we support a wide range of industry verticals from our headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona. Our team is completely based in the United States and is accessible to assist your environment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 Days A Year.

Service Key Benefits

Open APIs for Sharing with Other 3rd Party Tools

Hash Generation and Forensic Evidence Export

Perfect-Fidelity Smart PCAPs

AI Binary Inspection for Zero-Day File Inspection

Received Prioritized Alerts

Intuitive GUIs and Expert-system Workflows

Solution Package Inclusions

Protect Your Business From The Changing Cyber Threat Landscape

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Secure Your Business with the Ultimate SIEM Platform

Novawatch Hosted SIEM Solution

Deploying and maintaining a SIEM is time-consuming and requires specialist skills many businesses don’t have access to. That’s where we come in. We’ve got a hosted SIEM package that lets you take advantage of all the benefits of SIEM without worrying about installing and configuring it yourself.

Your Compliance, Your Control

Compliance is complicated. It's hard to keep up with all the regulations, and it takes much time, resources, and money to do it right. Our hosted SIEM solution makes it easy. With flexible log capture, retention, and review features, you can meet HIPAA, FINRA, PCI-DSS, CMMTCP, and more.

Detecting threats in real-time

A single point of access to all your security information and events, including network and endpoint sensors, threat intelligence feeds, and third-party data sources.

Analyze and hunt across your data in minutes

It's essential to see your data in one place. Still, it's also crucial not to get overwhelmed by all of the alerts you could be getting if you're not careful. Our SIEM solution helps you do both.


File Integrity Monitoring

Host-based file integrity monitoring is often the only way to validate whether a threat has caused any genuine harm. Our file integrity monitoring (FIM) experts use proprietary technologies and processes to ensure the integrity of critical system files and detect unauthorized changes in real-time.

  • Protect critical files from unauthorized changes
  • Suitable for all compliance frameworks
  • Last line of defense against sophisticated threats


Security Orchestration And Response

Novawatch’s Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) platform ingests alerts from both Novawatch managed solutions and other supported solutions within your environment. This capability allows full security-stack visibility while helping streamline alert contextualization and incident investigations. The Novawatch SOAR platform combines security orchestration, automation, and response with end-to-end security operations management to make analysts more productive, security engineers more effective, and managers more informed about the SOC. Novawatch continuously analyzes alerts from all sources, identifying common entities indicative of a coordinated attack.

  • Integrated case management across full security-stack
  • Playbooks for contextualization and incident response
  • Investigative insights and visualizations
  • Security operational metrics
  • Alert classification by machine learning


Network Detection & Response

Advanced threats can always challenge and evade legacy network security technologies like firewalls. Identifying network intrusions requires full monitoring of all traffic as it enters and leaves your network, as well as how it traverses your network internally. This is a necessity for any security team, making it possible to spot suspicious activity such as lateral movements during data exfiltration and the proliferation of malware.

Our security operations team uses the latest network monitoring and intrusion detection (IDS) technologies to track suspicious traffic inside your network, and quickly determine malicious intent. When a malicious presence is identified, containment processes are in place to nullify the threat before any harm is caused.

  • Ensure continuous visibility everywhere,
  • Recognize compromise quickly, and
  • Trace the steps of potential attackers across systems and applications.

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Endpoint Detection & Response

Legacy antivirus can’t compare with the predictive capabilities of our endpoint detection and response solutions. A powerful antivirus serves as your organization’s last line of defense against cyber threats and can be an organization’s only defense for remote employees. You need an endpoint detection and response solution that you can depend on, and we can provide it. 

  • Enhanced threat hunting features
  • Memory exploitation protection
  • Real-time monitoring and containment
  • Predictive file protection
  • Block malicious files, scripts, and macros


Web Application Firewall

Novawatch’s multi-cloud platform provides crucial components to secure your organization against rising threats, whether you’re protecting old apps or brand new cloud-native APIs.


Go beyond the Top 10 OWASP Recommendations. In one platform, get complete coverage for API-specific attacks, account takeover, harmful bots, L7 DDoS, and more.


With total visibility, smart triggers, and active threat verification, you can streamline incident response.


With auto-discovery capabilities, you can see every asset across your full attack surface, from cloud environments to API endpoints.


Secure your APIs and web assets by automating security testing. Make cleanup a top priority for every asset in every environment.


Cloud Infrastructure Security Monitoring

Asset and network traffic visibility for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud is made simple with Novawatch. View accurate inventories and generate on-demand topology visualizations for multi-cloud environments in a single console, continually analyzed for security risks, over-privileged access, and spend anomalies.

Prior to being discovered and exploited in a cyberattack, concentrate on and address your most significant security weaknesses. By identifying and risk-profiling security, compliance, and cloud spend risks, Novawatch ensures teams respond faster, providing contextual alerts that group affected resources with detailed remediation steps.

Honeypot Items

Honey Pots

Use them to cover as much of the network as feasible (for instance, one for each subnet)


Add a user to the Active Directory that matches how you typically configure usernames but also conveys it may be a domain admin


deploy files that appear to be valuable, such as a financial report or something with personally identifiable information (PII)


This is managed by Novawatch on the Agent, so no setup is required


Attempted access or use of these intruder traps triggers various alarms.


Deception Technology

Deception technology helps you to fool attackers into thinking they’ve discovered something interesting in your environment. Intruder traps serve as a virtual trip wire when deployed on your network. Novawatch fires an alert to warn unusual activity whenever an attacker is lured into accessing the trap.

Some stealthy behavior is difficult to distinguish from typical activity, allowing the attacker to slip past your security tools and infiltrate your business undetected. Intruder traps can be used to divert intruders, allowing you to identify them early and take action to prevent them from accessing something they shouldn’t.

Hackers are attracted to various intruder traps because they are “sweet” on the opportunity. Honeypots, which are decoy devices meant to gather information about attackers on your network and allow you to discover how attackers access your systems, are the most prevalent sort of intruder trap.


Threat Hunting

Our threat hunting model utilizes a broad range of both private and open source methods of gathering information on the latest attacks and building detection capabilities to keep you protected.

  • Support for any SIEM/EDR
  • Daily hunting significantly reduces MTTD and MTTR
  • Extremely Fast Threat Hunting Capabilities
  • Utilization of the MITRE ATT&CK Tactics Techniques and Procedures to track protection efforts


Security Awareness Training

High employee engagement is important for security awareness training. That is why we created a UX-friendly design, easy to understand videos, interactive tests, and friendly notifications so the user stays actively interested, while the manager can focus their time on other tasks

Video Training

Start with teaching employees how to avoid being tricked by cybercriminals.

Over 50+ Videos

Track Your Employee's Progress

Setup Games

Keep your empoloyee’s engaged with security awareness games

Track User Scores

Receive New Emails Monthly

Track The Leaderboard

Phishing Simulation

Simulate a phishing attack and see how well employees are trained to spot these attacks.

Pre-Configure Your Teamplate

Get Real Phishing Statictics

Schedule Campaigns

Unleash The Power Of Your Security Team

Secure Your Business | Improve your cyber resilience


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We have a genuine customer base for our Managed Security Services and we are grateful to receive their feedback on our service.

Our Security Consultant was extremely well organized, knowledgeable, personable, and responsive. Our IT Director was extremely satisfied. I shopped for year one and Novawatch was the most reasonable and all-encompassing and you felt they were in it for a long-term relationship. Do not hesitate to hire Novawatch, they are very approachable and responsive. I heartily recommend them


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