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Service Overview

Hosted SIEM Solution

A tremendous amount of effort goes into deploying and maintaining a SIEM solution, on top of the ongoing training and enablement of your own security team. Let us handle the difficult work for you.

Our dedicated security engineers handle all aspects of a Fully Managed SIEM deployment as well as the monitoring and optimization necessary for effective incident management. We offer a choice of several SIEM solutions tailored to best fit our clients’ needs, often eliminating the need for other security tools in your environment

SIEM Key Benefits

Fully Managed Security Stack

Early Threat Detection

Real-Time Incident Response

Daily Compliance Reviews

24/7/365 Staffing & Service Availability

Solution Package Inclusions

Protect Your Business From The Changing Cyber Threat Landscape

Simplify Logging & Auditing

Log Management

Logs are collected from event sources (such as servers, switches, routers, operating systems, and firewalls) throughout the IT environment of your organization. The logs are then forwarded to other Security Analytics devices, where they are stored as metadata for use in investigations and reports.

Let us become your partner solving log management challenges with the latest solutions. We continually evaluate our logging sources throughout the day and validate this information with your team each month during our managed security service review meeting. We help coordinate every aspect of logging for your organization, so you can trust your logs will be securely stored, readily accessible, and retained for the specific amount of time required for compliance.

  • Continual validation of logging sources
  • Keep track of new devices and network changes
  • Logs are securely stored and readily accessible
  • Fully Managed Log Retention

Automate Your Alerts

Remove Alert Fatigue

It’s one among some ways the protection industry has failed you: you shouldn’t chase false alerts or get desensitized to real ones. The Novawatch SIEM Solution gives you trustworthy, curated out-of-the-box detections.

  • Deploy and see value within days
  • Drive efficiencies to form more room in your day
  • Gain complete visibility of your environment
  • Respond to threats in just a 1/3 of the time

SOAR Intergration

Custom, Automated Process Workflows

Novawatch SOAR Solution

Create proprietary playbooks that are specific to your customer’s organization. Automate everything from case enrichment to response without requiring experts on staff to support everything.

Leverage SOAR plus an integrated Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) to mature customers from a detection to a prevention model. Kill more false positives. Validate intelligence.

  • Playbooks
  • Case Management
  • Investigation
  • Integrated Threat Intelligence
  • Collaboration
  • Dashboards & Reporting
  •  Crisis Management

Cloud Based SIEM

A Next Gen Approach To Your SIEM Solution

The Next Generation Of SIEM Solutions Boost Your Incident Response Time & Manage Cyber Risk for Your Organization. Discover, Invistigate, and Respond to the changing cyber threat landscape. Modernize your security operations by utilizing the speed and scale of the cloud for data. Increase host control and visibility with a unified, open platform for your SIEM solution.

Speed Wins

Defeat opponents by giving concise answers to important questions. Improve analyst output with quick, flexible search.

Act Decisively

Deepen your host visibility, stop malware and ransomware, simplify inspection, and activate remote response activities with a single unified agent.

SOAR Intergration

On-Demand Analysis of Your SIEM Enviroment

Discover years of historical data in a matter of minutes – without going overboard. Easily comprehend attacks as they develop by comparing all pertinent information. Access built-in trend charts for important data fields throughout the UI. And complete it all with the only SIEM that is swift enough for speedy analysts.

SIEM Security Without Limits

Prevent, Detect, and Respond Through a Battle Tested Security Analytics platform 

Automated Detection With High-Fidelity Rules

Automated suspicious activity detection and tools with rules based on behavior. Assess the actions of the opposition and rank possible dangers accordingly. Scores for danger and severity help you get to the point. The detections follow MITRE ATT&CK® guidelines.

Streamline investigation, automate response

Utilize threat intelligence to enhance warnings and get insights. Detailed investigative guidelines and integrated case management help teams standardize their workflows. On an interactive timeline, compile your results. Distributed endpoints can be remotely inspected and acted upon. Maintain momentum with SOAR and ticketing workflow integrations.

Assess risk with ML and entity analytics

Utilize anomaly detection driven by prebuilt ML tasks to reveal undiscovered risks. Arm your threat investigators with evidence-based hypotheses. Discover risks you didn’t expect as well as those you did. Utilize security analytics to learn more about the entities that are most at risk.

Get Your Business Prepared & Secured

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