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Penetration Security Testing

At Novawatch, we understand the need for visibility and protection of your most critical assets. That’s why we provide comprehensive penetration testing of internal and external networks to help you identify vulnerabilities and ensure PCI-DSS compliance. Our experts use a combination of proprietary tools and techniques that go far beyond automated scanners to uncover any weakness that could potentially be exploited by malicious actors.

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Service Overview

Email Security Protection Against Impostor Threats

Penetration Testing is a critical component of any comprehensive data security strategy and is also essential for PCI-DSS compliance. During a penetration test, an authorized simulated attack is performed to uncover any potential weaknesses in an information system or network.

We also provide certified penetration testing services for your website, intranet, and mobile applications, helping you to ensure full PCI-DSS compliance.

Key Benefits Include:

Identify weak points in your network architecture

Testing goes far beyond automated tools

Testing completed from inside and outside the network perimeter

How It Works

Your network connects you to your customers and suppliers. That’s why it’s critical you have an accurate understanding of the risks in your internal network, the access points into that network, and where crucial data can be vulnerable to data theft. Penetration testing is a specialized form of pen testing that helps organizations identify weaknesses in their networks before they can be exploited.

Internal Penetration Testing

Novawatches Penetration Testing service will help identify potential vulnerabilities and defend against cyber threats. Our professional network security consultants will evaluate your network infrastructure and host environment, identifying strengths as well as weaknesses across the entire perimeter of your organization’s networks. With this information, we can show you how to protect your data in an increasingly hostile online world.

External Penetration Testing

Novawatch's External Penetration Testing is designed to mimic the actions of an outside attacker, in order to test your defenses against real-world threats. Our consultants will analyze your system and identify potential vulnerabilities, then develop the necessary strategies to address them—ensuring that your company has a secure digital presence. We’ve developed a thorough protocol for External Penetration Testing that allows our consultants to effectively analyze your system from top to bottom without disrupting your organization’s normal workflow.

Website Application Penetration Testing

Our website application penetration tests are designed to evaluate the security of any browser- or network-based application. We provide comprehensive, PCI-DSS approved penetration testing services for all your web applications and detect any vulnerabilities that could potentially be exploited by malicious sources like malware, spyware, and cybercriminals. Once testing is complete, we produce a comprehensive report that documents testing results, describes any issues identified and provides specific recommendations for quick remediation.

Mobile Penetration Testing

As mobile technology has gradually surpassed traditional desktop usage, attacks against mobile devices and applications have become increasingly common. Our mobile application security assessment will uncover vulnerabilities in your mobile application software, code, and related security controls to ensure your mobile apps are adequately protected from the ground up. Once testing is complete, we produce a comprehensive report that documents testing results, describes any issues identified, and provides specific recommendations for quick and efficient remediation.

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