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Network Detection & Response

Our Network Intrusion Monitoring will identify suspicious activity on your network and is an essential component of a powerful incident response process. We use cutting-edge IDS tools to rapidly find and contain intrusions before serious harm is done.

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Service Overview

Comprehensive Network Detection & Response Platform

Our Network Detection & Response Service fills the gap between “alert-cannon” and “black-box” network security solutions that bury security teams in false positives while remaining blind to their network’s vulnerabilities and unknown threats, providing a single, robust platform to efficiently and effectively protect enterprise network environments in real-time.

With signature inspection, stateful anomaly detection, and machine learning-powered malware conviction, Novawatch saves security teams from wasting time with misleading alerts. It also provides end-to-end visibility to see and know the truth about their network.

Key Benefits

Malicious Signature Detection

Continuously updated threat feeds that keep you up-to-date on the latest network signatures

Scalable Deployment

Multiple sensors can be deployed across disparate locations and centrally managed

High Performance

Individual sensors capable of analyzing multi-gigabit interfaces

Full Packet Capture

Available to support full and thorough network investigations

A platform for Comprehensive Network Detection & Response

For the proper solution, the right data must be available at the right moment. Novawatch offers a single, potent platform to effectively and efficiently protect enterprise network environments in real-time. Novawatch bridges the gap between “alert-cannon” and “black-box” network security solutions that bury security teams in false positives while remaining blind to their network’s vulnerabilities and unknown threats.


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We have a genuine customer base for our Managed Security Services, and we are grateful to receive their feedback on our service.

Our Security Consultant was extremely well organized, knowledgeable, personable, and responsive. Our IT Director was extremely satisfied. I shopped for year one and Novawatch was the most reasonable and all-encompassing and you felt they were in it for a long-term relationship. Do not hesitate to hire Novawatch, they are very approachable and responsive. I heartily recommend them


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