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We offer a multi-cloud platform that provides a single pane of glass for your organization to monitor the internet giants across more platforms and services than any other company. Our time-tested infrastructure and globally deployed sensors ensure the highest level of cyber hygiene and protection against emerging threats.

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Service Overview

Web Application Firewall

Our web application firewall solution offers a full-stack detection engine and analytics platform suitable for modern applications, cloud-native applications, and containers. It provides layers of defense with ease of use, speed, and efficiency.

WAF Layered Defenses:

Novawatch managed rules offer advanced zero-day vulnerability protections.

Core OWASP rules block familiar “Top 10” attack techniques.

WAF Machine Learning complements WAF rulesets by detecting bypasses and attack variations of XSS and SQLi attacks.

Exposed credential checks monitor and block use of stolen/exposed credentials for account takeover.

Advanced rate limiting prevents abuse, DDoS, brute force attempts along with API-centric controls.

End To End Security Protection


When the OWASP Top 10 isn't enough to protect your web applications, Layer 7 Web Application Firewall is built for you. Get full coverage for API specific threats, account takeover, malicious bots, L7 DDoS, and more — in one platform


Web Application Firewall provides complete visibility, smart triggers, and active threat verification to help you take control of your web applications.


Get visibility into every asset across your entire attack surface—from cloud environments to every API endpoint—with Web Application Firewall. See what’s happening everywhere, so you can protect the most critical assets first.


See exactly what you need to secure and remediate with our Web Application Firewall. With integrations for your entire security stack, it's easy to get started today.

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