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Cybercrime will cost organizations an estimated $10.5T by 2025. The evolution of cybersecurity is constantly changing as new technologies and solutions rise to the top. XDR, SIEM, and SOAR are just some recent trends transforming how businesses protect their data and networks. These three solutions share some similarities, but each has unique benefits. The benefits of creating a cyber resilient organization include:

  • Improved operational efficiency and productivity
  • Lower costs
  • Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Increased brand reputation and market position


So, are you ready to take the next step in securing your business from cyber attacks and other threats? Keep reading to learn more.


Why XDR is essential

XDR solutions are an essential part of the security strategy for many organizations. Its focus is to provide real-time alerts and responses to critical events that require immediate attention and provide you with incident response capabilities to help you remediate the issue. XDR solutions combine endpoint, network, email, and cloud application security management into one central console, making managing your organization’s IT infrastructure easier and more efficient.

In addition, XDR solutions do vary in complexity, but they all share similar functionality, such as monitoring activity on all devices/systems within their purview; assessing threats based on various factors such as severity level, type of malware detected, etc.; deploying countermeasures (e.g., firewall rules) when necessary; generating reports about incidents detected, and more.

Threat intelligence is a vital component of any security solution. Threat intelligence is a data-driven approach to security; it’s a way to detect and respond to threats. Fortunately, XDR is a unified platform that combines endpoint, network, email, and cloud application security management into a centralized console, making management more accessible and efficient.

Real-time alerts and responses to critical events that require immediate attention provide you with incident response capabilities to help you remediate the issue.

XDR provides real-time alerts and responses to critical events requiring immediate attention. For example, if there is a problem with the system, XDR can alert you to it in real time. You can send these alerts via email or text message (SMS). XDR also offers incident response capabilities to help remediate issues as they arise. If an issue occurs again after being addressed, XDR will generate another notification that informs users of the recurring problem so they can take appropriate action.

In addition to alerting users about problems in their network infrastructure, XDR sends alerts when something goes wrong with applications running on top of this infrastructure by sending them notifications through email or SMS messages. These notifications contain details about what went wrong and how best to fix it for optimal performance.

Hence, security professionals can quickly identify issues before they become problems using XDR’s advanced analytics engine, which provides powerful data visualization tools for deep analysis of network traffic patterns or user actions.


Integrate a real-time security information dashboard with SIEM.

A Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution is a centralized system that collects and analyzes data from across your entire network. It gives you insight into what’s happening on your network in real time, which means you can detect problems faster than ever before. And since SIEM solutions are built to handle large amounts of data, they can also help reduce costs by eliminating manual tasks

A SIEM solution from Novawatch gives you the ability to see all of your IT assets in one place, allowing you to easily see what’s happening in your network, as well as what’s happening in your network in real time.

Further, you can track events such as attempted or successful logins or changes to configuration settings on servers. With this type of visibility into activity within your network, it becomes easier for you to determine whether someone has gained unauthorized access or if there is another issue that needs addressing before more damage is done.

View all of your IT assets simultaneously.

SIEM can be an effective way to keep track of all your IT assets. Information security is a top priority for most organizations, and it’s increasingly vital that you can track every single one of your assets. With SIEM reporting, you can see all the devices on your network, how they’re being used, and if there are any potential risks with them.

You may find it challenging to manage this number of assets on your own; with SIEM reporting software, you can easily keep track of all these devices without having to enter or update information by hand manually. This makes IT departments in smaller businesses easier because they don’t need extensive training to use such software effectively.

It’s a centralized system.

One of the most significant benefits of SIEM is that it’s a centralized system. SIEM offers a single point of management, which means you can use it to manage multiple products and solutions. This makes it easier to find and fix issues more quickly than other security tools.

Additionally, because SIEM is so easy to use, it encourages collaboration between teams such as IT and operations or business intelligence (BI). This can help keep everyone on the same page regarding how your organization manages risk, which helps prevent breaches in different parts of your business.

It helps with compliance.

Data security is of paramount importance to organizations. Corporate cyber attacks were up by 50% in 2021. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect on May 25th, 2018, and demands that companies keep personal data secure. Similarly, many other regulations require that businesses implement security measures to protect sensitive information.

For instance, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), a standard for businesses processing credit cards online or by phone, requires companies to use multiple layers of protection such as firewalls and intrusion detection systems.

The SOC as a service model is a relatively new approach to security, but it’s already proven itself to be an effective way for companies to protect themselves against cyber threats. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Smaller budgets. The cost of implementing and maintaining an in-house SOC can be prohibitively high, especially for smaller organizations. With SOC as a service, you only pay for what you need when you need it.
  • More flexible. You have the ability to scale up or down your SOC as your needs change without having to make major investments in infrastructure or hiring additional staff.
  • Better visibility into threats. Novawatch offers SOC as a service, and you get access to real-time threat intelligence and insights on how best to respond to them—without having to spend days or weeks setting up your own SIEM solution.


Optimize accuracy with SOAR

In 2021, companies paid a combined $102 million each month to threat actors just to get their data back. Security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) technology offer a wide variety of security benefits. SOAR helps automate routine tasks, integrate data from many products, make processes more consistent, and much more.

Accurate data is vital for security operations, and you can get it with SOAR. As your team works in real-time to respond to incidents, they can make decisions based on comprehensive and accurate information compiled from the entire enterprise—not just what’s happening on one end.

As a result, this increases the likelihood of identifying threats before they become catastrophic issues, which helps reduce costs associated with downtime and recovery efforts while improving your overall uptime percentage.

You can utilize a SOAR solution from Novawatch to report on a variety of factors, including:

  • Network traffic
  • Security events (such as policy violations or unusual behavior)
  • Audit logs/audit trails


SOAR makes data more accessible.

In addition to making data more accessible, SOAR technology increases the speed and consistency with which you can access that data. All relevant information is stored in one central location so you can access it quickly from any device by whoever needs it most.


SOAR supports a healthy security culture.

SOAR technology can help build a healthy security culture, which benefits your company. A beneficial security culture is one that:

  • It helps employees understand their role in the security process.
  • It helps employees understand the importance of security in their daily work.
  • Automating routine tasks gives employees more time to focus on other things.


Key takeaways

It’s crucial to remember that with SOAR, you can take advantage of all three solutions—XDR, SIEM, and SOAR—and still be better off than you would be if you choose just one.

  • Whether for endpoint or network protection, email security, or cloud application management, XDR can help protect your company from threats wherever they come from by combining all these disciplines into one centralized solution.
  • With a SIEM console, you can monitor your network for any suspicious activity, whether an attack from an external source or internal employee misuse.
  • SOAR is a powerful tool for improving your business’s security operations. It automates routine tasks, integrates data from multiple products and departments, makes processes more consistent and accessible, and builds a culture of healthy security practices.
  • With Novawatch, you can take advantage of all of these cyber security solutions in addition to the added protection of our fully-staffed 24/7 security operation center. We’re ready to help you protect your company’s data, and minimize your risk in today’s dangerous digital world.

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